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CNEHA Newsletter Editor RFP

Editor of CNEHA Newsletter

The Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology is soliciting proposals for the volunteer position of
Editor of the Council’s Newsletter. The Editor serves a 5-year, renewable term, beginning
June 1, 2021. The Editorial Search Committee encourages proposals from individuals affiliated with
universities, cultural resource management firms, government agencies, or museums, and independent scholars.

The Newsletter is published three times a year by the Council for Northeast Historical
Archaeology (March, June, October). It is intended to further the Council’s aims to stimulate and encourage the collection, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge and information concerning the practice of historical archaeology in the American Northeast. The Newsletter publishes materials dealing with the archaeology of the entire historical period in the following U.S. states and Canadian provinces: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The Newsletter, a benefit of membership in the Council, is intended for professional and avocational archaeologists as well as for non-archaeologists (preservationists, museum specialists, etc.) with an interest in the material history and archaeology of the Northeast region. The Newsletter publishes news of the Council, brief field reports/summaries, short technical and methodological studies, commentary, interpretive analyses, and information on public and community outreach.

Editorial Responsibilities:

    • Publish three issues of the Newsletter annually.
    • Coordinate with state and provincial editors for articles and general news.
    • Evaluate, edit, copyedit, proofread, and prepare manuscripts and illustrations for publication.
    • Create the layout of each issue for electronic distribution.
    • Forward the final version of each issue to a designated Board Member for distribution.
    • Continue efforts to modernize and streamline editorial and production processes.
    • Maintain records of all expenditures and submit to the Treasurer annually.
    • Work with the Board to select state and provincial editors.
    • Report twice annually to the CNEHA Executive Board, on which the Editor serves as an ex officio member. The Newsletter Editor will work with the board to establish the annual budget for the Newsletter (this could include software for layout).
    • The Editor must hold an individual membership in the Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology and be a member in good standing. The Editor is expected to attend the annual meeting of the Council.

Proposals must be submitted by April 12, 2021 and must demonstrate the candidate’s approach to and ability to fulfill the responsibilities of Newsletter Editor.

For more information, and to submit a proposal, contact:
Nancy Brighton
CNEHA Newsletter Editor Search Committee

 CNEHA Newsletter Editor RFP (pdf)

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