Saturday, October 28, 2023
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Sale on Historical Archaeology Books at the University Press of Florida

Historical Archaeology SaleThe University Press of Florida historical archaeology sale is running through February 1 and offers up to 60% off on our books. Use code CHUA21 for discount prices and free shipping. Shop all books at

The American Experience in Archaeological Perspective series was established by the University Press of Florida. This prestigious historical archaeology series focuses on a range of significant themes in the development of the modern world from an American perspective. Each volume explores an event, process, setting, institution, or geographic region that played a formative role in the making of the United States of America as a political, social, and cultural entity. These comprehensive overviews underscore the theoretical, methodological, and substantive contributions that archaeology has made to the study of American history and culture. Rather than subscribing to American exceptionalism, the authors aim to illuminate the distinctive character of the American experience in time and space.

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