Sunday, May 12, 2024
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Call for Nominations

The Nominations Committee is requesting nominations for five positions available on the Executive Board. The term for the new Executive Board Members will run from October 2021 through October 2024.

Candidates for the CNEHA Executive Board must be members in good standing and hold a membership (individual, student, joint, fellow, or life) in the organization. Candidates must be willing to participate in the activities of the Executive Board. These activities may include organizing and staffing annual meetings, working on membership drives, assisting in outreach and publicity for CNEHA, managing CNEHA finances, and carrying out the orders and resolutions of the Council and the Executive Board. Board members must commit to attend two regular Board meetings and to participate in all board activities. One Board meeting is held at the annual conference in the fall and a second is held mid-year, typically scheduled for March or April in New York City.

Nominations should be submitted by June 20, 2021. Self-nominations are welcome. To nominate someone or yourself for the CNEHA Executive Board, please complete this form and return it to:

Nancy Brighton

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