Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Letter from CNEHA Board to Montpelier Foundation

Dear Montpelier Foundation Board:

We are writing on behalf of the membership of the Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology, an organization of U.S. and Canadian archaeologists focused on the study of the modern world. We are profoundly disturbed by the recent actions of the Montpelier Foundation which has not only reneged on its commitment to share power equally with the Montpelier Descendants Committee but has also acted in a draconian and unprofessional manner in firing and suspending key members of the Montpelier staff. Archaeological research has been critical to presenting a more complete and accurate history of Montpelier to the public, and the program at Montpelier led by Matthew Reeves is broadly acknowledged as the gold standard for the collaborative study and interpretation of the past. We urge the Montpelier to reconsider to reinstate these key staff members and to honor its commitment to the Montpelier Descendants Committee.


The Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology

c/o Richard Veit, Ph.D., Council Chair rveit@monmouth.edu, 732-263-5699

cc: National Trust for Historical Preservation

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