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CNEHA News 2012

CNEHA Annual Meeting 2012

At the CNEHA 2012 Annual Meeting Patricia Sutherland presented her research regarding the possibility of another North American Viking settlement on Baffin Island based on her field excavations. The National Geographic article by Heather Pringle notes that Sutherland announced her findings at the CNEHA 2012 Annual Meeting in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

Responses to controversial television programs, like American Digger on Spike TV and Diggers on the National Geographic Channel, that sensationalize metal detecting and the for-profit exploitation of historic material culture were discussed at the CNEHA 2012 Annual Meeting.
 Summary of Brainstorming Session CNEHA 2012 Annual Meeting
 Survey: Responses to Digging in America

The Archaeological Institute of America has announced that the second National Archaeology Day will be held on October 20, 2012.
 Archaeological Institute of

Letter to Prime Minister Regarding Parks Canada

Letter to Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada, regarding proposed budget cuts and layoffs of key professionals at Parks Canada. Canadian members please consider contacting your local representatives and newspapers.
 Letter to Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Looting of Archaeological Heritage Programming

CNEHA responds to programming debuts on Spike TV and National Geographic that encourage looting, profiteering, and the destruction of our archaeological heritage.
 Letter to Kevin Kay, President of Spike TV
 Letter to the National Geographic Society

NYAC comments regarding Fracking in New York

CNEHA endorses comments and recommended updates submitted by the New York Archaeological Council regarding the draft permitting process for hydraulic fracturing in the State of New York.
 CNEHA Letter (pdf)
 New York Archaeological
 New York Archaeological Council Letter (pdf)

CNEHA board members attend a hearing at the Massachusetts State House on January 24, 2012, to voice opposition to a proposed bill that would limit the oversight authority of the Massachusetts Historical Commission. A letter opposing the proposed legislation was submitted in November, 2011.
 CNEHA Letter (pdf)

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