Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology


Northeast Historical Archaeology is published annually by the Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology. It is intended to further the Council's aims to stimulate and encourage the collection, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge and information concerning the practice of historical archaeology in the American Northeast. The journal publishes materials dealing with the archaeology of the entire historical period, from initial contact of Old and New World peoples during the age of European expansion to the Industrial Revolution. Back issues are now available on the Open Repository at Binghamton.

Northeast Historical Archaeology is intended for professional and avocational archaeologists as well as for non-archaeologists (preservationists, museum specialists, etc.) with an interest in the material history and archaeology of the Northeast region. The journal publishes field reports, technical and methodological studies, commentary, and interpretive analyses.

Subscription to Northeast Historical Archaeology is through annual membership in the Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology. The journal is now being published by Binghamton University: State University of New York.

Northeast Historical Archaeology seeks manuscripts dealing with historical archaeology in the Northeast region, including field reports, artifact studies, and analytical presentations (e.g., physical anthropology, palynology, faunal analysis, etc.). We also welcome commentary and opinion pieces.

Inquiries, manuscripts submitted for publication, and requests for back issues should be sent to:

Maria O'Donovan
Public Archaeology Facility
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY 13902-6000
phone: 607-651-3199

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