Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Coalition for American Heritage Letter Opposing changes to protections for Bears Ear National Monument

As a member of the Coalition for American Heritage, CNEHA recently signed on to a letter urging the House National Resources Committee to oppose changes to protections for the Bear’s Ear National Monument under the proposed bill, H.R. 4532. Thirty-one organizations and Tribal Nations signed the letter. A copy is attached. Here is a link for CNEHA members who might be interested in joining the Coalition as individuals: ACRA, AAA, and the SAA are currently leading this coalition. CNEHA became a member in 2017.

We also joined the National Humanities Alliance to urge the protection of NEH, a key source of funding for projects like the current archaeological project at Plymouth, Massachusetts, headed by Dr. David Landon of the University of Massachusetts Boston
( Project 400,

 Let your Members of Congress know that you support the NEH!

Finally, we have continued to follow and work with America’s Voice: Conservation Recreation Preservation (AVCRP) on campaigns that promote the protection of cultural heritage resources as well as environmental and recreational resources. AVCRP has initiated twitter campaigns to encourage broader participation by citizens.

The need for increased advocacy for the preservation and protection of irreplaceable cultural resources as well as the funding critical to that mission (e.g., NEH, and the Historic Tax Credit that supports historic preservation initiatives) has been palpable this past year, and CNEHA is responding as an organization to these concerns. Please share the names of projects you know of that were funded in part or in whole through NEH grants. I urge you to become advocates as well!

Karen Metheny
Chair, Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology

 The Folly of Abolishing the N.E.A. – New York Times
  Sign on Letter HR 4532 (pdf)


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